Asia Herbal Biotech Marketing Plan

Dream car, dream house, dream holiday and good health. You can own it all at Asia Herbal Biotecth We are a Multi Level Marketing company that focus on our marketing plan, product and also personal development. We want great leader to be born from this company and the great news is we are looking for pioneer to move this company forward. Malaysia is the first destination that we have launch this product. We have plans to move this business to Indonesia, Singapore, Tailand, China and many more country. So what are you waiting for? lets us have a look at the potential income that one person can get. Our company practices binary system and you can look at the pictures below for better explanation. The best thing about our MARKETING PLAN is that we have 1) Daily bonus 2) Monthly Bonus and 3) Mega Bonus.

1.) Daily Bonus
There is 3 level of income in daily bonus. Gear Up Bonus, Bonus Pembinaan kumpulan, and Royalti bonus.
  • Gear Up Bonus - Whenever you directly sponsor a person, you will get gear up bonus (Introducer bonus). The bonus pay out for gear up bonus is as below: If you sponsor a diamond you will get RM210.

  • Bonus Pembinaan Kumpulan (Pairing Bonus) - A pair of diamond will get you RM250. A maximum pairing for diamond will allow you to have 100 pair per day (which is maximum income of RM5,000 per day). Per month income for a diamond will reach up to RM150,000.

  • Bonus Royalti - Diamond member will get a 5 level of overriding over their own recruits.

Just for one example, if you join the company as Diamond. The maximum income you could earn is RM5,000 Per day and RM150,000 Per month. You will never earn this kind of money even is you were a CEO. It is impossible for me to elaborate everything here, If you are interested please contact us and we will arrange an appointment to meet up with you regardless of where you are. We have counterparts all over Malaysia. Apart from that, we also have a MEGA BONUS PLAN. This plan allow you to gather points from your pairing system and allow you to exchange for great things. Please refer to below:

2. MEGA BONUS - When you accumulate up to a certain points, you will be able to get assets such as cars, house, Haji, Umrah and Europe trip for free.