Cordy Juice is our most powerful and best selling product. It has one of the best combination which is Cordyceps (Traditional Chinese Herbs). But the secret behind the product is not just the powerful Crodyceps. The main reason Cordy Juice is so effective is because of the synergistic effect from it's three main ingredients.

  • Cordyceps
  • 20 types of fruits
  • Hexagonal Water

Cordyceps is one of our most powerful ingredients. It is a traditional Chinese Herbs with a history of more thant 1,500 years. Cordyceps falls under the categories of Ginseng, the main reason Cordyceps is not as famous as Ginseng is because in the past Cordyceps is only made available for the China Emperor. Apart from that, Ginseng can be plan at any where in the world. But Cordyceps can Only can be found at china mountain, Nepal and Tibet 3000 - 6000 meters above sea level

The benefits of consuming Cordyceps is unimaginable. It can help to improve the risk of heart attack, improve liver function, improve sexual function, increase energy and many more. It can't even finish listing the benefits of using Cordyceps here. But if you are interested to find out more, you could click at one of the  youtube video link below to look at the testimony and also the power of Cordyceps. 


Asia Herbal Biotech Sdn Bhd take very serious approach in gathering and selecting their major ingredients. We understand that fruits are important in our daily life and activities. Therefore we took the opportunity to combine 20 types of best fruits which is high in anti-oxygen, vitamin A,B,C and D to provide us the best vitamin and health supplements that we can get. The best thing is that everything in this product is organic.


What type of water are we drinking? The normal water that we always drink consider dead water. Hexagonal water are the most natural form of water because it normally came directly from the rain and snow water. The amount of Hexagonal Water in the body has been correlated with aging. It has also been found that Hexagonal water form the protective layer of water surrounding our health cell. Apart from that, unorganized water has been described related to surrounding disease and unorganized cell.

  • Hexagonal water helps move nutrients into the cells faster.
  • Hexagonal water helps remove toxins and wastes from your body.
  • Hexagonal water helps prevent chronic dehydration.
  • Hexagonal water helps strengthen your immune system.
  • Hexagonal water enhances metabolic reactions.
  • Hexagonal water improves cellular communication. 
As you can see from above. Everything that we use have great synergistic effect. There will be more product coming soon for you to sell. But why wait any longer, pick up your hand phone and contact us. Let us show you how powerful our product is. We would also like to let you know that we are really serious in building an empire with you.